Certifications and Experience

Marjorie Husbands, MA, LPC


• BS in Sociology, Sam Houston State University

• MA in Counseling, Amberton University

Licenses, Certifications, & Training

• Licensed Professional Counselor?

. Credentialed Distance/Tele-mental Counselor

• Certified and Registered Hypnotherapist

• Critical Incident and Stress Debriefing

• Divorce and Family Mediation

• Grief and Bereavement


• Charter Hospital-Counseling Internship-Individual & Group

• Garland Community Hospital-Clinical Counselor-Individual, Family, &     Group

• The Wellness Center-Primary Therapist & EAP Counselor-Individual, Family, Group, and Intensive Outpatient Program

• Private Counseling Practice- 20 plus years