My journey toward a counseling career began when my first-born entered kindergarten and we found that he needed help. As a result, we were introduced to many wonderful doctors, psychologists, and counselors who were there to help and guide us. Among these was a counselor with whom I developed a strong bond.

I soon realized our bond was based on the trust we developed. It is a trusting relationship like this that directly impacts the outcome of therapy.

It is my belief that effective therapy hinges upon the trusting rapport between the client and the counselor.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I enjoy the privilege of helping people find healing and hope through counseling. I am experienced in many areas of mental health treatment, including, depression, bipolar depression, anxiety, personal loss, addictions, self-esteem, anger, and trauma.

My specialty is working with individuals, families, and couples who are seeking more satisfying lives and relationships. Through a practical, caring approach, help and guidance is offered in solving life’s most difficult problems.

Although my primary treatment approach is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I utilize many counseling theories and techniques to support you in gaining more positive and meaningful life experiences. You will be welcomed with respect and integrity in a warm and compassionate environment.